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Contact us to book a special Rhythmic Gymnastics Show for your event! 

OK Rhythmic Empire's Show Team will perform an unforgettable show demonstrating the magic of Rhythmic Gymnastics! Your guests will be impressed by the charm, elegance, beauty, and rhythmic gymnastics skills showed ! 

If you want kids to get motivated, inspired and interested in Rhythmic gymnastics, our show is perfect for you. 

You will not believe your eyes when you see our Team Gymnasts' wonderful performance!
Our goal is to let people know more about rhythmic gymnastics and offer children possibilities to look at what they can achieve, joining OK Rhythmic Empire Team! 


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- We would be happy to perform at  festivals, shows, fairs, and other open events!
-Please contact us at least a week before the event. Our show can take place indoors and outdoors, if weather allows (Warm, no rain, nor snow).

-The Show will contain individual and group Rhythmic Gymnastics hoop, ball, ribbon, rope, clubs routines, combined with ballet and acrobatic elements. Show elements may vary depending on the place.

-Our show can last 15 - 30 minutes, including gymnasts of different age and level.

-We can create individual thematic routines according to your event, but please contact us at least a month before. 
- Please contact us to get more info or book a Rhythmic Gymnastics Show.


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