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Parent & Me Gymnastics Trainings

2.0 - 4 y.o. with a parent

Our Parent & Me gymnastics class helps to:

1. Teach children the importance of physical activity, as exposure to physical activity at a young age encourages children to value exercise.

2. Develop communication skills with the coach, other children and you! Whether through sing-a-longs, teacher instruction or even just observing how other parents and babies interact, your child will pick up new vocabulary, learn important social cues, and begin to understand how to follow directions. Through enjoying a new activity together, you and your child will learn how to better communicate with each other. 

3. Learn how to play with other children. For children, classes are a chance to socialize with other children and learn new skills. Adjusting to new people and new circumstances—a first step toward building confidence.

Recreational Classes Schedule


Classes for 2.5- 4y.o.

Didn't find a day or time, that would work for you? Contact us and we'll try to figure it out. 

Registration is now open! 

Monthly $140 (1 class per week)

The Registration for the 2nd semester is now open! Very limited spots left.

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