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What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is the only Olympic sport that was born in USSR. For 80 years of its existence it has gained worldwide recognition and lots of fans, being one of the most spectacular and beautiful forms of physical culture. Rhythmic gymnastics represent execution of complex gymnastic and dance movements using various apparatus, i.e. hoops, ribbons, clubs, balls or ropes (rarely without apparatus), accompanied by music. In 2015, in addition to women's rhythmic gymnastics, also officially registered a new sport of men's rhythmic gymnastics.

Rhythmic gymnastics leotard

Doing gymnastics, your child will have the opportunity of harmonized growth. Physical exercises increase flexibility, stretching, improve coordination, sense of rhythm and develop muscular strength. Health, beautiful shapes, stately bearing and grace are pleasant results of rhythmic gymnastics training for girls. Men’s gymnastics and give an athlete healthy development, improve endurance and coordination. Gymnastics training are also good for children’s psychological development, physical education, workout and strengthening willpower, increase of self-confidence, improvement of teamwork skills, socializing and discipline.